Janet P.

Ann Mary introduced me to something that changed my life and I'm so lucky I found her.

After months of unsuccessful medical treatment for hair loss, I had withdrawn from social events as well as some everyday activities involving being out in public. I was so self conscious about my appearance, even with friends, that it limited the time I spent out of the house. I actually had "hair envy".

My Dermatologist mentioned she had heard of a woman who works miracles with nonsurgical hair replacement, if I wanted to go that route. That's when I went online and read about Ann Mary and Salon Bedazzle. I called for a consultation, and two weeks later I saw a new "old me", as my husband calls the transformation. Not only do I have beautiful hair for the first time in years, but my smile has returned and is visible again at all my favorite places. I have received so many compliments over my "new do" that my face actually hurts from smiling!

Ann Mary is one of the most sensitive, caring people I know, and is dedicated to helping people get their life back to a comfortable place, and for me anyway, has worked magic.


Ann Mary works miracles with my hair. No one can tell the hair is not mine.

Color and style are always great!

Erin R.

Many people have said to me "it's just hair." But when you are 20 - 23 years old it's not just hair. At that age you are judged by what you look like. When I was 20 years old I realized I had a problem with my hair. I didn't really think much of it. As time progressed the bald spots became harder to cover up and I didn't know what to do about it. I was wearing my hair up every day and it became very monotonous. I was 23 by this time and felt depressed about my hair and felt unattractive all of the time. Then one day my Mother showed me a clip out of our local paper that was an Ann Mary, Inc. advertisement. I decided then to see if she could help me. We made an appointment and since I was very nervous my Mother went with me. Once I met Ann Mary I was no longer nervous and felt very comfortable. My consultation with her went very well and I decided to try the hair replacement. This was the best decision I have ever made!

If it weren't for Ann Mary I would not be the person I am today. I finally feel like myself again - before the hair loss. My self-esteem is terrific and I can now look in the mirror and feel that "I AM BEAUTIFUL!" Ann Mary has helped me in becoming a better person and I will spend the rest of my life thanking her for what she has done for me! I wouldn't be who I am today if it weren't for Ann Mary and her work.


If you are a woman who has thin or thinning hair (as I do), I highly recommend AnnMary to you. I have been her client for several years and can sincerely say that I leave from every appointment feeling better about myself. Not only is she is a skilled stylist who will work to meet your needs, but she is also a warm person whom you will enjoy spending a couple of hours with every month!


My Guardian angel of hair! Thank you so much for making me feel feminine again. I have struggled with bald spots for literally the past 30 years. Your expertise in fitting me with a hair piece that perfectly matches my own hair has changed my life! I don’t have to wear a hat every day or always sit in the back row or spend hours trying to “disguise” my head to look as if I have hair. Now I do have hair! All thanks to you.

I appreciate your kind and gentle ways, your compassion and your support. I value you as a professional and a dear friend.

You have a wonderful talent and I’m so glad we connected! I have never looked better. Thank you for giving me my hair AND my self-esteem back.


Bethany G.

I first met Ann Mary when I moved to NC in 2001. I have been wearing a hair system since I was 25 as a result of a medical condition. A woman's hair is her crown and I needed help. We had our first consultation and I knew she was the one for me. She was knowledgeable and kind and I felt like I was dealing with a real professional. Ann Mary has changed my life. No one knows I have had hair restoration because of her quality product and expert styling techniques. She isn't just my stylist, she is my friend. Thanks, Ann Mary!

Ann Mary Scarnecchia